//How to install TFLearn

How to install TFLearn

TFlearn is a python deep learning library built on top of TensorFlow. This means you need TensorFlow to be installed before you install TFlearn.

To install TFlearn on Ubuntu (debian based systems) the pip command is used.

> pip install tflearn

It is also recommended to install hdf5 support for file processing.

> pip install h5py

Installing h5py will potentially solve the error below when using TFlearn:

“hdf5 is not supported on this machine (please install/reinstall h5py for optimal experience)”

This error should be avoided with the installation of h5py library.

If you would like to learn more about TensorFlow a good online course covering the basics is available on Coursera.org called Introduction to Tensorflow. This helped me with understanding best practices when using TensorFlow for building scalable applications.

This work was conducted as part of my research into music and its effect on mood study.