//Social media monitoring platform

Social media monitoring platform

A social media monitoring platform was build to provide insight into trends and relationships on social media and the WWW. This platform offers the user real time mentions of their brand, company or organisation. It indexed thousands of blogs, PR sites and social networks to pull back any reference to your brand and products, putting you in control of your online reputation.

The platform has a dashboard view which will alert the user to any activity surrounding your brand. This ‘buzz’ is categorised into positive and negative sentiment, enabling the user to quickly manage an appropriate response.

All data is stored in a reporting and analytical module for you to reference over time and spot trends, improvements and changes to your brand reputation

Knowledge extraction and machine learning techniques were used in order to provide useful and insightful analytics information for the user. The information presented in the dashboard allowed the user to make data driven decisions which ordinarily would have been lost in data overload.

This project was part of the brand reputation mining research project.