Lubuntu cloud desktop: Remote Desktop to your Cloud Server

Remote desktop to your cloud server

This guide provides details on how to setup a remote linux (lubuntu) server with a desktop environment which can be connected to via remote desktop (RDP).

This guide is specifically for lubuntu desktop environment, which is a lightweight desktop based on LXDE.

Setting up a desktop interface on your cloud server instance (lubuntu).

Install xrdp + lubuntu desktop

> apt-get install xrdp

Install lubuntu light weight desktop environment

> apt-get install lubuntu-desktop

We then want to enable the xrdp for a user to login to.

Create ~/.xsession

and add line

lxsession -e LXDE -s Lubuntu

We restart the xrdp service.

> sudo service xrdp restart

Then we can connect to our remote machine using win10 (or MacOS) RDP client.

Select the option ‘Xorg’ and enter your linux username and password.

RDP Screen

(Optional) install chromium

To install chromium browser

> sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

Open chromium browser

> chromium-browser

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