Transferable Skills and Experience for Hiring Senior Software Developers

Transferable Skills and Experience for Senior Software Developers

I was recently asked about what would be involved in hiring a senior software developer. In a first step to providing some help on this topic, I have put together a list of skills and experience from my own working practice and job description. I think the skill listed are transferable and apply to senior developers working in any field.

I work in the areas of clinical trials and healthcare, as a results there are many further aspects that are extremely important for this setting which I have left out the list below.

I have also left out any specific reference to programming language or a specific technologies.

General Responsibilities

  • Develop innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Lead software development lifecycle, from requirements analysis, design and implementation, through to testing and maintenance.
  • Think pro-actively and exercise considerable initiative
  • Strong understanding of server administration principles and information governance
  • Provide a considerable level of technical expertise to lead
  • Define and shape the software development roadmap
  • Responsible for the oversight, management, maintenance and security of servers and data.
  • Beware of latest cyber-threats and new system and software updates
  • Ensuring software updates are promptly installed on servers and personal computers
  • Keep up to date with the regulations and requirements
  • Write and implement Standard Operating Procedures for the IT components
  • Update and implement rigorous validation of all systems and databases
  • Ensure that documentation is compliant with applicable regulations

Specific Technologies and Technical experience:

  • Full stack developer
  • Software architecture and design techniques
  • Administering Database Management Systems

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