My Teams Productivity Application Stack

Productivity Application Stack

This article provides a quick overview of the application stack which me and my team use to support our productivity goals.

What I mean by application stack is the set of applications combined together that provide a collection of core tools that are used to support our roles. I will not mention the obvious, like email clients etc, but I go a bit further as to define what applications we use and some specific use cases.


We use a ticketing system for logging tasks and providing an audit trail for our work.


We use the TeamworkPM system for time tracking and also as a high level project roadmap. For time tracking, we log time entries into specific categories associated with projects or general admin. The road map typically contains detailed time frames on development cycles, but does not go into details on technical tasks. We use JIRA and Github for that.

JIRA / Github

We are trialling both JIRA and Github for our agile development. We use theses platforms to keep track of individual tasks within our development cycle of individual technical tasks.

We also use these platforms to collect and archive features in-between dev cycles.


We use this for our wiki, guides and any long for written content. This can include:

  • Knowledge bank
  • Idea bank
  • Meeting tracking + presentation slides
  • Monthly/Quarterly goal tracking

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