Quick and easy way to test sending email on Laravel

Laravel Development

This post provides a quick and easy way to test sending email on Laravel. All of the code required is contained in a route. The route that I set up allows you to sepcify the email address when testing the send mail functionality of your Laravel application.

This is only intended for a local development. This code should never be used in produciton!

Copy the code below into your web.php file within the /routes/ folder of your Laravel application.

If you visit the url of your Laravel application, with an email address, In this case we are using http://app.com and we visit the page /emailtest/ with the email address test@test.com, this looks like the following: http://app.com/emailtest/test@test.com

When this url is visited, it will display the current settings for the email send config along with sending an email to the test@test.com email address.

 * testing only
 * http://app.com/emailtest/test@test.com
Route::get('/emailtest/{address}', function ($address) {
    print_r( \Config::get('mail.mailers') );
    $data = array('address' => $address);
    Mail::raw('Hi, welcome ', function ($message) use ($data){
                ->subject('test email');
    return 'EmailSent';

This work was conducted as part of the development of Clinical Imaging Review System (CIRS).