Clinical Imaging Review System (CIRS)

Clinical Image Review System

The Clinical Image Review System (CIRS) is a web based application used to collect medical & clinical images for research studies and clinical trials.

If you are interested in “how to develop software” or “how software applications are made” You can follow my journey of building the clinical imaging review system from scratch.

I have tried my best to document the process of “building this software application from start to finish”. If you would like further information on any other aspect I have not covered please get in touch.

“The reason I decided to document the entire software development process was because I would have really liked this type of resource to exist when I have been about to building a new application. I could not find such a complete guide which covers all keys aspects, so I decided to document my process which may help other.”

The information I have put together will be useful if you are new to software development and have a keen interest in the entire software development life cycle. This will serve as a guide on how you can get started “creating your own software”. The information here will also be useful to experienced developers, who want to see the process and design choices I have made.


I have documented the following topics during the journey of building this clinical imaging review system:

  • Project Outline: User requirements for the clinical imaging review system?
  • Analysing user requirements and creating business logic
  • System design and technologies
  • Project management (dev cycles in SCRUM with product owner)
  • Set up: Dev Ops (Development environment + Automated Deployment)
  • Implementation: Interesting code and design choices
  • Optimisation for Scalability and Performance (profiling)
  • Maintenance + bug fixing workflow
  • Monitoring + Performance + (success metrics)
  • Adapt to new business logic/ direction + Ongoing Re-factoring

This section contains articles and resources which are related work and conducted as part of this project:

If you would like further information please get in touch.

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