University website (2008)

This page provides details of my university website which was originally built sometime in the year 2008. The information here is a historical archive of the site. It can be used to take a look back to see what coding platforms, environments and design I used.


The image below shows the basic layout of the homepage of my university website.

University website, circa 2008.
Fig 1. University website, circa 2008.

Coding Languages

There was no content management system (CMS) behind this site. It was hand crafted from HTML and CSS. The main reason for this choice was to keep the hosting platform simple. This site was hosted on the university web server, php was not available. There would also be no need for a (SQL) database behind the scenes.

Update: see details on my new(er) jekyll site.

Creating your first programming language is easier than you think,
...also looks great on your resume/cv.